2.5-Ply Gauze Towel, Charcoal

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Not 2-ply, not 3-ply… 2.5-ply.

Shinto took the middle layer of a traditional 20-count, 3-ply gauze, and replaced it with a half-weight weave to create a 2.5-ply gauze towel that feels both lightweight and substantial. Each style features an irregular weave that contributes a uniquely soft texture and a slight variation in dyes that creates an alluring depth of color. The 2.5 Ply towel is generously sized and features a unique “slim towel” sizing that can be used as both a washcloth and an accessory.

Materials: 100% Organic Cotton

Washcloth (S) 12.99" L x 11.81" W
Slim Towel (ST) 45.28" L x 11.81" W
Hand Towel (M) 39.37" L x 22.83" W
Bath Towel (L) 55.12" L x 34.65" W

Avoid pulling loose threads and instead snip them carefully with a pair of scissors. Do not use chlorine bleach. Wash with like colors, especially in the beginning. The texture may be affected by different washing machines and/or laundry soaps. Avoid the overuse of fabric softeners as this may damage the fibers and reduce absorbency. Pulling or snapping the towel lengthwise while wet can cause the piles (the loops in the toweling) to stretch, resulting in gaps in the material. Handle wet towels gently. For best results, washed towels should be hung to dry in a shady, well-ventilated area. 
Osaka, Japan

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