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Concept | コンセプト

At Morihata International, we believe in products that are crafted with intent. Founded by wife-and-husband team Yuka and Kaz Morihata, our small company represents a long list of well-established Japanese designers and brands for whom we serve as exclusive North American distributor. Our purpose is to make their innovative home and lifestyle goods available beyond the borders of Japan and, in so doing, connect Japanese artistry and ingenuity with the rest of the world.

日本の気候風土から生み出された伝統的な素材や技術を、今の生活に添う新しいカタチにして提案されたもの。そんな魅力あふれる日本を海を渡った次の世代にも贈っていきたいという思いを込め、Morihataは活動を続けます。「日本の優れた文化 / アート / デザイン/ ライフスタイル」をコンセプトに集められたMorihataセレクトの数々は、これまで全米・各国のメディアに数多く取り上げられ、ライフスタイルショップ、ミュージアムショップアートギャラリーへと幅広く紹介されています。




We founded Morihata International in 2005 to bring the time-honored traditions and aesthetics of Japanese home goods to retail outlets across North America and Europe. The demand for these products proved so robust that, in 2009, we founded Rikumo as a consumer-facing retail brand to promote artisans and their wares around the globe.

Today, Morihata’s wholesale and retail branches work to introduce the elegance of Japanese design to a new audience through curated collections and thoughtful customer service, promoting a lifestyle grounded in honest simplicity, beautiful craftsmanship, and impeccable quality.

Please enjoy the Japan-made wares we have sourced with you in mind.


Our History

Kaz and Yuka Morihata first met as undergraduates at the Rhode Island School of Design before going on to work for a number of design and architecture firms - first in New York City, then in Tokyo, the couple's hometown.

Upon returning to Japan, Yuka rediscovered a longstanding appreciation for the detailed, high-quality craftsmanship she had grown up with but which was something of a rarity in the U.S. To meet that need, she and Kaz founded Morihata International with the aim of introducing the work of contemporary Japanese artisans to a wider audience.

Every year, the couple returns to Japan to select thoughtful products that evoke the innate nobility, grace, and tactile sensibilities of modern Japanese goods. From the vintage looms of Imabari to the storied tea fields of Kirishima, our collections are sourced from regions throughout Japan where craftsmanship has long been integral to the concepts of identity, history and culture.





Rikumo is a B2C lifestyle brand that serves as the retail wing of Morihata International. From our brick-and-mortar location in Ardmore, PA, we strive to connect Japanese designers and artisans with those who value quality, craftsmanship, and simplicity. Learn more at



Like many of the manufacturers whose products we carry, our company is committed to sustainable business practices.

As part of this commitment, we have changed the packaging on Morihata-branded products to a plastic-free recyclable version. Our warehouse staff also regularly shreds and repurposes cardboard and other shipping supplies to create eco-friendly packing materials and minimize waste.

We continue to work toward a smaller carbon footprint for both our wholesale and retail businesses, and we invite other brands to join us in this effort.


Join the Morihata Family

Morihata International is based just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but we wholesale to businesses all over the world - from small retail stores to large companies. We consider it our mission to offer the best possible service regardless of size or location.

If you are interested in opening an account with us, please visit our Account Request page and submit an application. Upon approval, you'll enjoy full access to our products and pricing, along with a variety of additional resources.