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Deep in the woods of Kirishima, a highlands where the temperature differences between day and night are severe, stands a plantation of lush green tea leaves. Five generations of master tea harvesters have tended and overseen its fields, harvesting pure organic green tea in the spring months of every year since the Meiji era. From the steaming of the leaves to the handmade tea bags sewn by the Hayashi family, every step of the process is an artful tradition handed down through the generations. Our collection of classic teas, brought straight from the Hayashi house to yours, introduces the varied and historic world of Japanese green tea.  

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Morihata Ceremonial Matcha Starter Set
Organic Matcha - Sei Classic Grade
Cream Kohiki Matcha Bowl
Organic Asatsuyu Loose Leaf Green Tea
Green Tea Candy
Organic Kanayamidori Loose Leaf Green Tea
Organic Meigetsu Green Tea Bags
Organic Genmaicha Loose Leaf Green Tea
Organic Hojicha Green Tea Bags
Organic Hojicha Loose Leaf Green Tea
Organic Green Tea Sencha Powder
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