Hirali Kitchen Towel, Broken Ice

:: Case of 10
Pattern: Broken Ice
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Absorbent, quick-drying kitchen towels with a unique texture and reversible design.

Like other Hirali products, these kitchen towels feature striking double-sided designs, but they stand out as much for their absorbency as for their aesthetics. Hirali kitchen towels can soak up incredible amounts of water thanks to the high-quality cotton fabric from which they're made, and they dry exceptionally fast. With use, a Hirali kitchen towel will also grow quite soft to the touch, pampering the hands while tackling the toughest jobs.

Materials: 100% cotton
Dimensions: 23.23" L x 11.81" W
Care: Wash with hot water before use. Due to the use of traditional dyes and fabrics, color may fade slightly, and the towel may shrink over time. If left to soak in water, color may transfer to other objects.
Osaka, Japan

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