Yoshii towels are constructed in the traditionally slim Japanese style, with smooth textures in fresh, compact proportions. Each towel is woven with soft, twisted-ring “Shankar 6” threads, which are massaged down, puffed, and combed twice for ultimate softness.  Cultivated with low agricultural chemicals and made of 100% hand-picked cotton, these threads guarantee a superior, environmentally-friendly towel.

The exceptional design and low-chemical manufacturing process make these towels highly absorbent, lightweight and fast-drying. Their compact size is perfect for travel, storage or small spaces. These colorful Japanese towels are made in the town of Imabari, where towel-making has been the regional specialty for more than two hundred years. 

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Linen Border, Blue-Green
Polka Dot Chambray, Grey
Polka Dot Chambray, Blue
Two Tone Chambray, Violet 2
Two Tone Chambray, Pink 2
Two Tone Chambray, Pink 1
Two Tone Chambray, Blue 2
Two Tone Chambray, Blue 1
Two Tone Chambray, Black 2
Two Tone Chambray, Black 1
Ishikoro Pebble Stone Bath Mat, White
Ishikoro Pebble Stone Bath Mat, Black
50 results
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