By Kontex

Ribbed Towel Case Pack

A thin ribbed towel with a flat cream band. 100% cotton.

Reminiscent of old-fashioned beach towels, this collection features a classic vertical ridged texture in heathered shades of brown, blue or red. The Ribbed Towel is made with a special cotton slub blend in thin, compact proportions, making this towel highly absorbent and quick drying. Suitable for both bath and kitchen, this versatile towel works double duty around the clock.

100% Cotton
Care: Machine wash with cold water and mild detergent. No bleach or fabric softeners. Hang or tumble dry low.
Imabari, Japan

Bath Towel (XL) 30¾“ x 54”
Compact Bath Towel (L) 19¾” x 41½”
Hand Towel (M) 14½” x 34½”
Washcloth (S) 11½” x 11½”
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