By Daito

Case Pack Layered Gauze Pillow Case

A pillow case that is soft to the touch and makes your pillow more breathable.

Daitou Shingu’s premium gauze bedding is inspired by nearly a century of innovation in Japanese futon manufacturing. Each piece in the collection is laboriously hand-stitched and processed in the traditional Wazarashi method which extends the typical 40-minute process for most manufacturers into a 4-day exercise that requires an extremely rare Wazarashi kiln. The result is a chemically pure and breathable bedding that’s perfect for people that run hot at night. In addition, it makes a great bedding choice in the colder months due to the properties of the gauze layers in regulating body temperature.

Materials: 100% Cotton
Dimensions: 18" x 35"
Kyoto, Japan


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Layered Gauze Pillow Case