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A stunning example of traditional Japanese minimalism, the impeccable craftsmanship shown in our collection of Japanese wood and lacquer works is native to the Yamanaka region of Japan. The centuries-old manufacturing process is as delicate and detailed as the pieces themselves. From precise carving to meticulous lacquering, modern Japanese woodworking molds traditional methods into contemporary shapes. The results are elegant, amazingly lightweight pieces that are as functional as they are beautiful.
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Tsumugi Wooden Bowl - Kine, Natural
Tsumugi Wooden Bowl - Kine, Black
Sinafu Small Stand Bowl - Hotei (Smoky Grey)
Sinafu Small Stand Bowl - Hasori (Black)
Sinafu 7.0 Stand Bowl - Hotei (Smoky Grey)
Sinafu 7.0 Stand Bowl - Hasori (Black)
Sinafu 6.0 Stand Bowl - Hotei (Smoky Grey)
Sinafu 6.0 Stand Bowl - Hasori (Black)
Saibi Tray, Natural
Saibi Tray, Brown
Saibi Tray, Black
Saibi Cup S, Natural
41 results
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