COMING AUGUST 14TH - We're excited to launch the newest line to the Morihata Collection.

RUHAKU is a collection of organic beauty solutions that are inspired by the longevity of the inhabitants of Okinawa. Each product in the collection can be used alone or in combination to give you healthy skin, naturally.

Gettou (alpinia zerumbet) | noun | ghet*to
Also known as: "shell ginger", "pink porcelain lilly", "peach moon".

A perennial species of ginger native to Okinawa that is revered for its attractive flowers and exceptional antioxidant properties.

See also: Anti-Aging Ingredients  


  • Gettou Reset Cleansing Oil
  • Gettou Clear Soap
  • Gettou Balance Lotion
  • Gettou Day Moist Cream
  • Gettou Night Repair Oil 

Shekwasha (citrus depressa) | noun | shiik*kwa*sha
Also known as: "flat lemon", "Tawaian tangerine", "hirami lemon".

A small sour citrus fruit native to Okinawa that is rich in antioxidant flavonoids that promote skin elasticity. It has been long known for its ability to brighten and tone skin.

See also: Natural Skin Brightening


  • Shekwasha Brightening Lotion
  • Shekwasha Brightening Essence
  • Shekwasha Brightening Milk
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